Tool Management

Reduce manual format complexity and increase productivity with scalable planning. By organizing the changeover of format parts digitally, you have every single format tool in the right place at the right time.

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Quality depends on Smart Decisions High Productivity with Tool Management

When format parts have to be exchanged in your production line for a product change, fast, precise decisions at the right time are the key to process reliability. With Pexcites Tool Management, you always have a holistic, digital overview of your setup process and reduce format complexity.

The comprehensive planning board Pexcite Batch Control Center combines both batch and setup orders with intuitive user guidance. This increases your overall equipment effectiveness while at the same time ensuring high, pharma-compliant quality that can be verified for analysis, audits and your customers. Plus, the solution can easily be retrofitted to existing lines.

Holistic Set-up Process
Holistic Set-up Process

The solution enables holistic, digital planning, management and documentation of the setup process with verification of the format parts provided – for maximum security.

Reduction of Format Complexity
Reduction of Format Complexity

Tool Management reduces format complexity and ensures error-free plannability of format tools through configurable object dependencies. Easy to retrofit for existing lines.

Pharma-compliant Quality Assurance
Pharma-compliant Quality Assurance

Specifically tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, the software complies with all pharmaceutical regulations and enables precise quality management, compliant with GMP, 21 CFR Part 11.

Digital Process Documentation
Digital Process Documentation

Thanks to the digital solution, documented quality certificates are available at all times for analyses, audits and customers.

Easy User Guidance
Easy User Guidance

With an intuitive, process-oriented user guide, the operator is guided through the process in a practice-oriented manner to immediately find one’s way around in each individual sub-process.

Scalable Data through Connectivity
Scalable Data through Connectivity

The open, modular Pexcite platform offers scalable connectivity with other solutions for data-driven decisions. Tool Management also works with manufacturer-independent tools and format parts.

Look & Feel Tool Management: Media

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Ready for a Deep Dive? Tool Management Functionality

Find out more about how you can use Tool Management to increase your productivity and make your setup process more efficient.


  • Digital twin production and machine
  • Logistic access point configuration
  • Quality task and life cycle configuration
  • Customer knowledge database for individual tools

  • Batch Control Center (ERP campaign view)
  • Tool availability & quality check
  • Alternative selection of qualified format tools
  • Scalable full / partial format set planning

  • Commissioning list for warehouse logistics
  • Configurable logistics
  • Logistics process tracking
  • Optional integration of storage systems
  • Configurable setup assistant
  • Data matrix code verification

  • Time or numerically scalable service management
  • Life cycle counter with check-out function
  • Asset management for work and test instructions
  • Logging of quality measures
  • Service quality calendar

  • Data matrix code verification
  • Digital signature for relevant process steps
  • Active user management and permission handling
  • Pexcite connectivity (optional interfaces / applications)
  • Audit trail conformity (21 part II compliant)
  • Validated functionality

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