Supervisory Control

Simplify your production by connecting machines and devices and centralize the batch management for your complete line with a single solution.

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Efficiency depends on Smart Decisions Full Control with Supervisory Control

With Supervisory Control, the open platform Pexcite offers a comprehensive solution for full control of production through a central overview and management. The centralization, planning and execution of every relevant batch process makes it possible to reduce the process complexity and increase productivity. A cross-link to other solutions such as Track & Trace and Tool Management is possible as well, for example with our Batch Control Center on Level 3. Thus, the digitalized processes save time and minimize errors to reach maximum efficiency for the line or site.

Central Control and Batch Management
Central Control and Batch Management

Centralize batch function and data as well as batch distribution to all machines and devices of the line with just one solution – instead of separate entries for each machine.

Increased Efficiency
Increased Efficiency

Save time by accessing all production data in one place and combining batch and product management over the entire line.

Simple System Integration
Simple System Integration

Via our Integration Layer as part of the Pexcite Platform it is possible to easily integrate machines and devices to the Supervisory Control system – independent of the manufacturer.

Valuable Minimization of Errors
Valuable Minimization of Errors

The intuitive user interface facilitates operation, while the one-time central data entry reduces input errors (e.g. through the four-eyes principle in the approval process when entering product data).

Holistic Planning and Execution
Holistic Planning and Execution

Efficient management and administration of all data required for production in one system, reduced to what is necessary.

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  • Efficient management and administration of all data required for production in one system
  • Approval concept with permissions to cover internal processes
  • Can be fully validated thanks to simplified versioning concept and option to compare two versions of a product or batch
  • Simple overview of all planned, current and completed batches
  • Integration to a superordinate system to get data automated
  • Input fields can be flexibly customized, grouped and validated (what may and may not be entered) according to customer requirements
  • Overview of all completed batches of the respective line

  • A single system for starting the batch in the entire production line
  • Interfaces for MES and ERP systems for data exchange of batch-relevant information
  • Transfer of batch data from the Pexcite system to the connected machines and devices (e.g. printer, sensors, check weigher) to minimize input errors

  • It allows to prepare batches for upcoming production
  • Batches are taken from the Production Data Management and can then be prepared, loaded, started and stopped from here
  • Start different batches on different lines at site level
  • All configured production stations are shown
  • It is possible to switch between the different production stations
  • While the current batch is running, the future batch can be already prepared, planned and checked for a perfectly smooth process

  • Allows format handling for machines and devices
  • Gives access to different operations related to formats, like saving, loading, reloading, copy, delete or renaming

  • Centralized Audit Trail database of all recorded Audit Trail entries – from all machines and devices within the same line
  • The system is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • All alarms from the connected equipment can be displayed
  • Automated archiving and backup methods
  • Detailed filter functions for all Audit Trail parameters (via a free-text search, facet filter or time period search)
  • Download options for storing the Audit Trail report (in PDF or CSV format)
  • Interfaces for corporate IT systems for long-term data archiving

  • Emptying the individual machines within the line so that no product remains behind
  • Ready for production accurate to the piece

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