The Pexcite Platform

Pexcite is the hub and home for all the innovative and modular software solutions available for the pharmaceutical industry, perfectly suited for the daily work requirements of e.g. production managers and IT managers. See here what makes the platform run.

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Enabling Smart Decisions All Your Data in One Place

As an open platform, Pexcite offers a modular system for standardized, manufacturer-independent software solutions that harmonize with each other on a technological basis. The platform can be expanded quickly and easily with a variety of solutions without having to re-validate the entire system. You benefit from comprehensive, centralized data management that enables you to control your production flexibly and with foresight at all times in order to maintain a high level of overall equipment effectiveness.

Pexcite also offers a user-friendly, intuitive and browser-based interface that you can access from different devices to keep an eye on every detail of your production.

Specific industry platform for the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry
Consisting of modular manufacturer-independent solutions
Focus on the entire production and distribution process of pharmaceutical products
Excellent cross-data management for even greater efficiency
Responsive clear user interface for easy operation
Pure browser-based and hence independent of the end device
Future-proof and modern platform based on proven technology standards

Modular, scalable and flexible Comprehensive Software Solutions

Discover valuable solutions that will enable you to work smarter and improve your processes to guarantee a safe and efficient production every step of the way. Our selection of solutions grows and gets updated continuously.

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Progress depends on Smart Decisions The Pexcite Roadmap

With an innovative platform, progress and regular updates are key to deliver exactly what the industry needs. With our roadmap, you always know exactly what awaits you down the line.

Click on items on the map to see details on the respective release or update!


Q3 | 2022
Version 1.6
Sep 22
Q4 | 2022
Version 1.7
Dec 22
Q1 | 2023
Version 1.8
Mar 23
Q3 | 2023
Version 1.9
Aug 23


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